Custom Therapeutic Massage

massageThis is best for the full body maintenance.
I integrate Blooming Touch style to Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, etc. as you need.
The expectations are relaxing the layers of soft tissues, soothing the moderate pain/discomfort, and restoring the body balance.
Straight Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, or Shiatsu is available upon your request.

Foot Reflexology

footWith specific technique and focus, reflexology is great to rejuvenate the whole body, unwind stagnation, and enhance the power of self-healing.
This is powerful modality to sooth menstrual pain and constipation.

Hot Stone Therapy

hot stoneMassage with stones soaked in warm water increases blood circulation and perspiration.
This whole body response to the wet heat brings you deep relaxation and helps detoxification.
Post massage feeling is similar to one after hot tub, and the body feels like jelly.
The session can be soothing or therapeutic.

Prenatal Massage Therapy

relaxSwedish style massage eases anxiety, stress, and physical discomfort of a pregnant woman and helps to make the period delightful. For you and your baby's safety, this is only modality you receive while you are pregnant.
Please avoid massage during your first trimester, and please contact Miyuki before you book your first prenatal massage.

Blooming Touch Ritual

ritualApplying specific aromatherapy oil to specific Tsubo points with acupressure brings your physical/emotional balance back to the moderation. Series of sessions are recommended for the best result.
This is Blooming Touch original modality, and please ask Miyuki a complementary counseling prior to a first appointment

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